Krista Michener is one the best certified nurse practitioners in Northeast Ohio.
When no other primary care physician would help me regain my quality of life, Krista went over and beyond to ensure I would achieve my QoL.
By helping me get the correct medications, making sure I was sleeping fitfully, eating healthy foods, and following up with my numerous specialists, etc.
10 months ago, I was sleeping 2-3 hours a night. Now I’m sleeping nearly 6-8 hours most nights.
10 months ago, I weighed roughly 115lbs, and now I’m at a healthy 140lbs.
Prior to 10 months ago, a majority of the primary care physicians in my area would not take me as a patient due to my numerous specialists, health issues & medications.
Krista accepted me regardless of those things and together we started eliminating specialists & medications as a team.
As a result my QoL is slowly coming back to me.
Finally. Krista not only listens & hears your concerns.
She takes as much time to address those concerns & answer your questions rather than hurrying thru appts to stay in the subpar standard of 15mins of allotted time like most doctors.
Oh and her facilities are easy to locate and they are impeccably clean!
Also her support staff, Angela RN, is extremely compassionate and leaves easy to understand messages in your voice mail!

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