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Affordable Healthcare Partners has had several excerpts in local newspapers who speak about their reputable company and all of the services offered. Get an exclusive inside look at the special interviews with the nurse practitioner, Krista Dean Michener, who shares her background and the details of what led her to her passion, love, and joy for her calling in the medical field. Located in Wooster, Ohio, Affordable Healthcare Partners is dedicated to your physical and mental health by knocking down the time and financial barriers that hold back most patients from getting the treatment they need.
Find out what services and up front fees Affordable Healthcare Partners provide and why we operate the way we do!


“I’m hoping by offering primary care on Saturday and evenings, we can get people in here who have been putting off getting health care because it’s not convenient. . .”

-Krista Dean Michener


“We take care of the body to help calm the mind, but by taking care of the mind, we can help heal the body. . .”

-Krista Dean Michener


“In an ideal world, the costs of medical care shouldn’t be a barrier to getting quality care, We are up front with our patients as far as what our services will cost; there will be no unpleasant surprises or unreasonable charges. . .” 

-Krista Dean Michener

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